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I’m Going to Paint “Happy Trees”

December 2, 2013



Do you remember the oil painting landscape I painted at CHA last year and shared with you as One of My Personal Highlights of CHA?  That was the first time I had worked directly with oil paints (excluding Shiva oil sticks) and I found that I loved the experience.  Of course, some of it has to be the nostalgia of remembering sitting in front of the TV and watching Bob Ross paint Happy Trees and majestic mountains right before your eyes.  There was no stay-tuned to see the entire window to another world appear on a canvas.  We also didn’t miss anything while the show was time-lapsed.

After I came home, I started looking around and discovered that Bob Ross used to live only about 2 hours from me.  He lived, and unfortunately died, in New Smyrna, Florida, a beautiful east coast town right on the Atlantic Ocean.  And, it gets better because there is a Bob Ross Art Workshop and Gallery here too.   I found out that I could take classes and actually become Bob Ross Certified.

You should know by now that I love learning new techniques and playing with new mediums.  I enjoy taking classes just as much as I enjoy teaching them.

Well, my dad use to paint many years ago, so I was thrilled when my Dad expressed an interest in taking these classes with me.   We started planning and found a time that worked for our schedules and with one of the classes being held in New Smyrna.

Classes start today (when this posts on 12/2/2013).  As I am writing this the night prior, I am so excited and hoping I get some sleep tonight.  I feel like a little kid going back to school.   Instead of book bags packed, I have my painting supplies packed.   I am staying right here on the beach for the week with my Mom and Dad.  (Mom’s going to hang out and enjoy the vacation while we are in class).

So, not only will I learn something this week that will continue to expand my art horizons and skills, I am also getting an opportunity to build some wonderful memories by taking this class with my Dad.  It will be a really special time for me.  And, after I complete the entire certification program, I can begin sharing the Joy of Painting with others too, so this whole thing is a win win for me.  I hope you will make sure you are following Cheryl’s Window Facebook Page, because I’ll try to sneak in some photos and share the experience with you this week.

Thanks for stopping by.

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LaWanda December 2, 2013 at 8:27 am

Good luck and have fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


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